Foxes & Grubs.

New Year Bash.

31st December. 1999

Once again those jolly Foxes and Grubs held their New Year party at Market Bosworth rugby club. This is one of those 'bashes' that I always try to attend.

The weather was kind to us this year, unlike a few years back when the temperature dropped so low that the water in the caravan froze. Luckily I had taken the wood burner with me, but my throttle cable wasn't so lucky. I had to hang it in the kitchen to thaw it out before setting off home.

The 'theme' of this years party was 'space'. Several convincing looking aliens were roaming around along with the cast of "Star Wars".

Click on the image for full size.

I decided the best thing to do was leave my head on the seat. This is a very clever way of avoiding a hangover. Sadly, someone later sat on my head which kind of ruined what was a good idea at the time.

What an ugly cushion.

The rest of the night went as all good nights should. Midnight approached, and a veritable barrage of party poppers exploded. Looking out of the clubhouse there was not a single part of the sky that was not lit by fireworks. So that's how the millennium ended - surrounded by bikers, drink in hand, food in stomach - what better way to start the next 1000 years ?

{ Well, there are *better* ways, but I'd best not go down that path - thank you very much. }

The next morning saw quite a few hangovers clinging onto quite a few heads. I managed to avoid the 'hangover monster'. Must be getting lucky :-)

The ride back was made interesting by the mist and fog, which didn't clear until I was only a few miles from home.

The Foxes and Grubs deserve thanks for putting on such a memorable evening. As for that inverted Dutch Cap on stilts that goes by the name of the "Millennium Dome", all I can say is :-

"I did get an invite to go to the Dome, but I told them I won't pay 20 for a marquee rally"


^..^ Lone Wolf.

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