Grubs M.C.C.

Ugly Grub Ball 

17th - 19th May. 2002


Sunday morning, and the sun's out.

    First of all, I would like to apologize to the Grubs for the hassle caused on Friday night.  The last thing you ever need at a rally is the police taking more than a passing interest, and, I'm sorry to say, the Moonshiners were to blame.  I won't go into details here, but rest assured, nothing like that will happen again.

    Having just got the "new" trike past its MOT, I finished work early, loaded the trailer and hit the road.  It was just as I passed Spaghetti Junction when it struck me that I hadn't packed my air bed or sleeping bag.  Ah well, these things happen.  What better excuse to give the trike a good run - head for the rally site, set the tent up, then head back home to pick up the forgotten items.  Whilst I was at it, I added a 12 volt accessory socket for my tent light, so it wasn't a totally wasted journey.  Considering the rally site was only 37 miles away, I managed to clock up 108 miles.  That'll teach me to be more careful in my packing.

    The rest of the evening was spent in the rugby club, just taking things easy, which is the usual state of affairs at this rally.  One of our members managed to fall and cut his head open, which caused a little concern but like most 'Shiners,  he's got a thick head.
    For "legal reasons" as they say, the goings on in the wee small hours are best left unwritten - On a purely personal note, I thought our club was above this sort of thing.

    The grand plan for Saturday was to head off to the BMF show and grab a few bargains.  Sadly, the weather had other ideas, and the rain didn't stop until late afternoon.  Call us fair weather bikers if  you like, but no one fancied the thought of a trip to Peterborough and back in the pouring rain.
    A few of us headed down into Market Bosworth, some of us stayed on the site and I headed out to Hinckley, to grab something for tea.

        Award time, and the Moonshiners managed to take club turnout, which didn't come as a surprise seeing as at least 22 of us had pre booked, and a few had turned up on the day.  Mick and Dave took the eating and best foreign bike awards respectively.
    It seems the Grubs have gone back to calling the rally the "Ugly Grub Ball", as opposed to the "Ringstinger" . . . I must admit, I prefer the Ugly Grub Ball, but I'm funny like that.
    Once again, I'd like to thanks the lads and lasses of the Grubs for organizing another great rally, and once again, may I apologize for the Moonshiner's behaviour.



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