Oddballs MCC

Summer Ballsup rally

26th - 28th September. 2003.

  Having booked the day off work, as I usually do for Oddballs rallies, I first of all picked Mark ‘The Boy’ up and went to Bilston to rattle with Fred, indulge in a ‘Doggy Bag’ breakfast and then pop in to see Mark’s stricken Harley, currently much in need of TLC!   Having done that, after a coffee at The Boy’s, I slipped into Asda for weekend food and booze, dropped it off for onward transportation and then it was off home where I ended up ‘chilling’ a little longer than I really should've and ended up leaving, duly packed up, just in time to catch rush hour on the Tettenhall Road, only myself to blame and nothing a little aggressive filtering didn't sort!

Arriving on the site I then queued for 15 minutes to book in, no criticism of the Oddballs, merely an indicator as to how popular this rally has become.

I booked in and found a good few of my fellow Moonshiners already there, with Gord, an hour in front of me on the road, but still having not fully achieved base camp, some things never change!

After just a little while, we were pretty well all present and correct and wandered off into Wem, as is our wont, where we sampled the familiar delights of a couple of local hostelries, starting off with good food in the Albion (unfortunate name, but a good pub!).

Then came the wander back, as a taxi or taxis proved not to be on the cards.  Back to the site and straight into the marquee where if my memory serves me right, we had just missed the band, but enjoyed Tonto’s Disco. What seemed all too soon, it appeared to be time to wind the night up, and the last three ‘shiners wandered back to the tents, to be greeted by a variety of strange noises, against a backdrop of a good 5 or 6 ‘last’ records from Tonto……………..

So soon, Saturday was already upon us, and in the morning, after breakfast and a lot of fruitless attempts at decision making, some of us went to Shrewsbury, some of us to Whitchurch, some of us sloped off to Wem for more beer, and some of us…well…. We did nothing! Well, we popped in to the supermarket, via just the one swifty and then on our return greeted the last of the Moonshiners’ accomplices who had arrived whilst we shopped. Tea cooked, some returned to Wem, whilst some of us opted to go straight to the marquee, another damn fine night, with a good band and a Best Bike Trophy for our good buddy, Sizzle.


Enough detail, and for the précis  - yet again a great offering from the oddballs, well attended by Moonshiners and friends as it is becoming a fixture in our calendar. Thanks