Hednesford M.C.C.

Stags and Slags

30th April - 3rd May 2004

    Having booked the day off work, and having had a good lie in I headed for the “Stags and Slags” rally near Whittington, in between Lichfield and Tamworth. After the short journey to the site (only 25 miles) and having booked in and got my badge I looked to see if any other club members had arrived. Sure enough, Sam the pram was there and fully set up.
    I decided that I would pitch my tent near to his tent, which I did. After getting everything set up I decided it was time for some food, supplied by the on site catering.
After having eaten and had a warm drink I headed back to the tent. As the evening went on a couple more members from the club arrived, Kerry, followed by Ken. As the night drew in we headed for the barn for the night's entertainment, and of course alcohol consumption. The entertainment was supplied by Tonto’s disco and a band called “Krazy Legz” who sang all the old classic rock songs. On the whole a great night.

Saturday morning came around and after some breakfast and a cuppa we sat outside the tents basking in the sunshine. Shortly after Bucka arrived and after a bit of discussion it was decided that Ken and myself would take a ride in to Lichfield. Just as we were  getting ready to leave Mr Hornet arrived and decided he would join us for the ride.

After a walk around Lichfield and having look around the small city we decided to have a late lunch as it was getting close to two in the afternoon. Over lunch we decided to take a ride over to Sutton motorcycles in Tamworth. A Kawasaki W-650 caught Ken's eye and I think he was tempted to buy one.


After having a good look around the shop we headed back to the site. As the afternoon went on Nigel arrived wearing his pyjamas under his leathers, the less said about this the better!

Saturday evening came and again we headed for the barn for more music and beer what better combination could you have.

Sunday morning and the field was bustling with activity everyone packing up and chatting away and with the sun blazing away it was a perfect end to a great weekend.


"the boy".