Penguins M.C.C.  

Four Kippers of the Apocalypse.  

November 21st 22nd 23rd.  1997.  

 Having phoned the Penguins M.C.C. for directions to the rally site I was all ready for the off by half past two on Friday.  This was also to be the first long run for Kev’s Trike, so full of hope and inspiration we hit the M5 South.   The 70 odd mile trip to Monmouth went with no mishaps.  Considering the rally site was only 5 miles from Monmouth, we managed to take the scenic route (i.e. we got lost ) and covered an extra 12 miles.  The site was a field with a slight slope, about a minute walk from the Bush Inn at Penallt.
 We set up camp, cooked a rather strange curry, then headed for the pub.  The choice of beer was pretty good and the prices weren’t over the top either.  The pub also had a good range of meals and did an excellent breakfast for only 2-50.  No wonder I’m a fat bastard.  Following several pints of  "special" I wobbled off to bed.
 Saturday morning and I was firmly in the grip of the Hangover Monster.  This foul beast had not only taken my money and hit me on the head, but had also wiped its boots on my tongue on the way out.  I decided to leave the Hangover Monster on the field and head into Monmouth.  I managed to take the correct road this time and 5 mile later I rolled into town.
That bloody Hangover Monster had got there before me and promptly attacked me once more.  After a walk round Monmouth and its market we headed back to the site for dinner.  The field was filling up well.  For a Winter rally this was a very good turnout.
 Once again us intrepid fools headed into the pub for another night of beer, bands and banter.  One band, several beers and unlimited banter later, us wobbly intrepid fools headed back to out tents.  Just the way a rally should be.  No hassle, no idiots and no attitude.
 Sunday morning and the fog was swirling round, soaking tents and bikes with equal determination, if fog can be determined.   Both my own and Kev’s Trikes fired up with no trouble.  We packed up and headed for the pub for breakfast. 
 The run home went with no problems.  The only stop we made was at the top the Malvern Hills, at British Camp for a cuppa.
 Another weekend over.  No mechanical problems, a most enjoyable rally and the weather wasn’t too bad for November.
 Thanks to the lads and lasses from the Penguins M.C.C. and we look forward to seeing you all again.    


   Lone Wolf.

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