All Nations M.C.C.

All Nations Rally.

    This was another very local rally, a grand total of 17 miles away . So with all good intent I set off Friday lunchtime. It seems every four wheeled moron was on the same road as me. Still, after dodging the poor sad motorists I arrived at the Nelson Inn. This is a pleasant country pub that often has rock bands on of a weekend so it wasn’t as if they were strangers to motorcyclists.


    The weather forecast said strong winds- and they were right. After helping a few others with setting up tents I retired to the pub.

The Banks's mild was excellent so we all sat round generally talking and drinking until the band turned up. Now I am a sad old git who doesn't like exceptionally loud music, be it played well, or be it a cacophonic disaster.  I ran and took refuge in the other room, where I happened to be ear wigging on another tables conversation. The gist of this conversation , between two upwardly mobile types and a very bored looking young lady, consisted of the for’s and against’s of the Escort Cosworth versus the Lotus Escort and was littered with such things as "basically" "I know where  you're coming from" , "are we on board with that?" I did not believe that such people existed outside of Monty Python and other such comedy programmes. Ah well, it takes all sorts! 

    The night progressed and the pub showed no signs of closing. What a shame!!


    Saturday morning dawned bright and early, so I was told. My Saturday dawned about 11 0’clock and it wasn't bright or early. It

appeared also that I had found a hangover, so if anyone has lost one let me know and I'll post it back. A few of us took a trip up to Brownhills Market, a couple of miles up the road. Not too bad a place. I wimped out and went home for a dinner and a quick paracetemol sandwich.

    On returning to the rally site I found that they had run out of Mild. Oh dear, forced to drink Bitter, the things I have to put up with! The Saturday night band did a couple of numbers before handing over to 'Checker' and Kev. These pair, of Wazzocks fame, kept the pub jumping for the best part of three hours. Not bad going for two blokes. Our lot managed to win Club Turnout, Best Bike and Grot Bike. The rest of the night dissolved into Sunday , and, as they say, "so to bed" .    High winds made towing a little interesting on the way home, but 17 miles is not exactly your long distance jaunt.


    I like the All Nations Rally. You never seem to have hassle, you know most folks, it seems more of a glorified camping weekend than a rally, and I mean that without any disrespect to the All Nations MCC.







Lone Wolf.