Drifter hand change.

   Due to my left foot having no upward movement, the only way I can use the Drifter is to fit a hand gear change.

There seems plenty of room beneath the tank.

Nothing in the way on the other side either.

Many years ago I salvaged an ornamental cannon - I just knew

those aluminium brackets would come in useful one day.



A few U bolts, a bit of hack sawing and the brackets were fitted.



A "bell crank" lever was fitted to the end of the cross shaft

which passes under the tank - just missing the plug cap.



A drop rod & two rose joints connects the bell crank to the gear lever.

The drop rod was originally the retraction arm on a

mechanical lift door safe edge.



The drop rod bolts to the gear lever.



A nice shiny red gear lever.  This started life as the

shut off valve on a hydraulic lift.



An aluminium adaptor had to be made so that the lever

would fit onto the cross shaft.



The parts are painted before being fitted.



The gear lever in position on the cross shaft.



The finished item.

It certainly does the job with no problems.