Birmingham M.A.G.

Heart of England.

2nd, 3rd, 4th July. 1999.

Well, having wasted my time going to the Heart of England two years ago, I decided to see if things had got any better. { for the details of the 1997 Heart of England, click HERE. } I'm afraid to say, things were just as bad. "You can't park there." "You must put your tent here." "You can't do this, You can't do that." Now two years ago, I could accept this, to some extent, because M.A.G. had only just got the site. The local authorities must really enjoy making M.A.G. jump up and down like some kind of performing animals. "You can't play music after half past eleven. Go to bed like good little children." M.A.G. have had two years to find a site on which to hold a damn good rally but they chose to return here. I'm sorry M.A.G. but what a poor show !

I was so "wound up" over the whole shooting match that I left site in order to calm down a little. I apologize for my behaviour, I know it wasn't the marshall's fault, but to be met with the same load of bollocks after two years did wind me up, to say the least.

Anyroad. Enough of my moans, on with the rally. Despite the local council's attempts to prevent any form of enjoyment whatsoever, I managed to have a good time. The site just happened to be at a fishery, and I just happened to have my fishing tackle with me. What a jolly way to spend the day. Sitting in the sun listening to the sound of bikes going to and fro. Can you just imagine some poor unfortunate fisherman:- " I came for a quiet weekends fishing, in order to get away from that noisy bastard next door who keeps on revving his bike and playing his loud music." { Sorry. Couldn't resist that one. } Whenever I fancied a drink I was only a minutes walk from the bar. If I fancied a quick nibble {Ooer Missus} then the food was next door to the bar. I only noticed one food stall. Was there more, or did I just fail to notice them ? There were a fair few stalls selling biker orientated gear at prices that seemed reasonable. Saturday night and time for the bands. The first, "Dewberry Firkin" played that type of demented folk/rock that gets people jumping up and down like kangaroos on speed. Quite good fun, but don't tell the council. They were followed by "Cum to Bedlam". It was the first time I had seen this band although they have been on the rally circuit for a while. All too soon, eleven thirty rolled around, and the band announced that the very nice people from the council were here to make sure that the music stopped at 11:30. Considering that Nostredamus predicted the world would end in half an hour, I find it rather sad that the council officials had nothing better to do with their last thirty minutes on Earth. Well, spin on this O mighty council types - the music may have been turned down, but it didn't stop. People carried on enjoying themselves despite your puerile actions. It's worth remembering that those who serve, note SERVE on the council, are elected officials who can be just as easily unelected. Think about it the next time you vote in local government elections. { That's as close to politics as you'll get from me. }

When all's said and done, the Heart of England would be a damn fine rally if it wasn't for the attitude of the local authority. Perhaps a new site, in a different council district is the answer. As a life member of M.A.G. I would hate to see the Heart of England go toes up.



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