Well, here it is - my little corner of cyberspace.


Not the most exciting of web pages but if nothing else it may keep you amused for a while.

I dare say various things will appear here as time goes by.


Photograph of the week.

As it says - one picture and a few relevant words from the week just gone.

A page listing a few of the bikes I've owned, and still own.

Another self explanatory one - the current bike pages get updated as and when I do anything to the bike concerned.

{ 25,161 as of July 2023 }

Almost every photograph I've taken since the late 1970s.

I've always tended to carry a camera with me - the photographs are hosted on Flickr.

Click on the album you wish to see - and then click on    for a slideshow of the set.



This time it's moving pictures.

I really must make the effort to use the video camera more.

As time goes on I'll try to convert and upload some of the earlier footage.