Met up with Scrote - me on the 30-bobber and him on the Van-van. There was a 1960s theme day on the Severn Valley Railway, so the first stop was Bridgnorth.

 A few interesting cars, a rather shiny B33 and, of course, a few steam trains. 

Dinner came next, down at the Quatford cafe. Having fed, we moved on to Hampton Loade - only one classic car there, but a Panther outfit was sat in the car park. 


Saw the shiny B33 leaving just as we got there. Highley next, followed by Arley, then on to Bewdley station. Had a cuppa there - I parked next to the shiny B33. 

I must have felt guilty 'cos I cleaned the 30-bobber as soon as I got back home. 

Any day spent riding a BSA is a good day - in this case, 86 miles worth of goodness.