Dam.  Looks wet.  Wet and cold.  Wet and cold and windy.

    Over to Currys for a new electric kettle, then took the TCT up Ian's garage for half an hour or so. 

Back home and prepare to set off for Rhayader - this may not be a wise move . . . watch this space. 


    Well I made it without too much hassle. Had to stop and adjust the car seat at Leominster - it was my back, not my leg that gave me grief. Booked in at 

Ty Morgan's Bistro. They gave me a top floor room with very low ceiling beams, the door was also low, in fact so low that I hit my head on the way out. 

My outburst upon doing this resulted in me being given a ground floor room with a full size door. 


Went in the Bear's Head for a pint, then moved on to the curry house next door with Kim and Andy. The rest of the gang were in there, apart from Pete, Ollie, Max and Trevor - we met up with them at the Cornhill after our meal. Had a couple in the Cornhill then went round the corner to the Crown. 

Sat in there with Pete, Ollie, Max and Trevor until the gaffer threw us out. 

It was only a short walk to my digs. Didn't really have what you would call a comfortable night, but that ain't surprising. 

At least I managed a trip of 100 plus miles, albeit in a car, but that's a start.