DOT, Kim's Bonnie, and Andy V's Suzuki - parked up at Millmeece pumping station.



Right - here we go. Took DOT over to Church Stretton for Bruce Pollard's funeral. Met up with a few folks at Craven Arms for a nibble and a cuppa. Didn't fancy trying to sit in church with my injured leg, so Scary and myself parked up at the top of Sanfield Avenue, set up the video cameras and waited. Down came the rain. When the cortege did arrive I was surprised to see it being led by a car and not a combo. Ah well ( more about this later ) Carried on for ride up the Long Mynd and then back to the Quatford cafe. . . just as the rain came down again. Got home and gave it a good hour or two for the rain to clear then headed for Matlock Bath. Got there in just over an hour, and missed all the rain, with a big black cloud waiting overhead just as I pulled up. Met up with Andy V and Kim in the Princess Victoria. A stroll next door for sausage and chips, then we sat in the pub sampling the beer and eating a large lump of cheese which I just happened to have about my person.



Took a walk down the road for breakfast, then rode all of five hundred yards and parked up for the cable car ride to the Heights of Abraham. 12.50 later, plus a couple of quid to park, and we were at the top. All the years I've been going to Matlock Bath and this was the first time I'd ever been up here. Andy wanted to go to the Bull I' th' thorn, so off we went - taking the scenic way through Via Geillia, before hitting the A515 and a rather strong cross wind. We had a drink whist the rain passed - best to stay in the pub when it rains, besides, they were only showers. Bakewell was the next stop and we had a chip shop dinner whilst the rain paid another visit. It was still a tad moist so we spent another hour in the local pub. Parked back up at the Princess Victoria and spent the night in there.



Packed up and headed off towards the Windy Ridge cafe - Andy V wanted the oat cake breakfast. Took the pretty ( and the shortest ) route past Carsington Water, through Ashbourne and then on to the cafe. We cut through Stoke on Trent and then on to the steam pumping station at Millmeece. The Midland Bullet Riders were there, along with Andy M on his Starfire. Andy M then led the way back to Burger King at J9 of the M6 where we had a "parting of the ways" nibble. A tad under 300 miles, most of 'em dry. My leg didn't make life easy, but there ain't much I can do about that. Andy M came down and gave me a lift up the Tame Bridge later on. Found out that the combination hearse carrying Bruce broke down and they had to put him in a conventional hearse to finish the journey . . . . Bruce would have loved that.