The Bantam and the B33 enjoy a bit of Winter sunshine.

Bit of a busy week.  On Monday I fitted a reserve petrol tap to the Bantam.

Had an MRI scan over at the QE hospital on Tuesday - that was an interesting experience.

Managed to get some more Bantam bits on Thursday, along with visiting two cafes.

Friday was a visit over to see Fred, dinner at Eljay's cafe, then did a bit of electrical sorting on a BSA A7.

I will not mention a certain person running out of petrol . . . .at a petrol station . . . that did not have any petrol.


Saturday night saw me over the 'Dashers with a handful of other Moonshiners.


Sunday and I dropped the side case off the B31 gearbox in order to try it on another gearbox which is

not working correctly . . . I suspect the "claw" may be worn.   Finished of with a bit more Bantam fettling.