The Bantam, the Trail Blazer and the Suzuki GSX sit at the summit of Wenlock Edge.


Monday saw the Bantam tank going to the strippers ( NO - not that sort of stripper ) to get the paint off it.

Just for good measure, the B31 seat and the Guzzi seat have been dropped into Trim-tec for recovering.


Saturday saw the Bantam tank back on the bike once more. 

Drained and changed the Bantam gearbox oil ready for Wistanstow tomorrow morning.


Sunday and off to Wistanstow we go . . . . only the Bantam decided to lay the thickest smoke screen you have ever seen.

Seems the crank seals may be shot.  We just had to stop at Harry Tuffin's in Craven Arms for a cuppa . . . and to wait for the smoke to clear.