A bit of a Bantam based week again - piccy courtesy of Andy Vernon ('cos I can't get down that low )

Monday saw me taking the B33 over to Rex Caunt Racing for some Bantam bits - namely mains, oils seals,

gearbox sprocket, selector rollers, gaskets, and a shiny new piston.  In other words, all the bits necessary

to make the engine  happy again.  Having put all the new bits in, I started the engine.  It did not sound happy at all.

In fact it sounded most distressed.  To cut a long story short - I'd put a standard sized piston in a + 020" oversize bore.

This week's lesson . . . . .measure before you order.

A new + 020" piston arrived and the Bantam is almost happy again.  I say "almost" 'cos it still jumps out of gear, but that can be fixed later.

Just to make me feel better, I had to take the B33 over to the cafe on Sunday.