The Capitoline She-Wolf  -  On the A39 between Wells and Ore Green.

Rather a mixed bag, weather-wise, this week.  Managed to get the Bantam wheels over to be powder coated.

Took the B33 on a ride around the Severn Valley - and to the cafe of course.


The weekend saw me and Andy M heading for Porlock.  I just had to stop and photograph the Capitoline She-Wolf on the way down.

I saw this sculpture many years back when returning from a trip down South on my old M21 outfit and for some reason I was sure it

was on the A46 . . . .which is why I never saw it again until now . . . .it's on the A39.  Oops.

As for the rest of the weekend - not too bad, but in the end pain from my leg and the thought of more bad weather

bought about a premature end to my holiday.