A folding guest bed sitting on top of a trailer - not something you see every day.

A bit of a do nothing week really - Friday saw me at the foot clinic, then feeding at Eljay's cafe.


Most of the club have gone down Porlock - which got me thinking of how I could possibly camp again.

One idea was a trailer tent - a bit of research showed that a two berth Combi Camp would be ideal, and there just happens

to be one on eBay at the moment . . . 500 though - and I ain't really got the space to store it, despite me having four garages.


Another idea was a guest bed - normal camp beds are no good, they are too low to the floor and they tip over if you put any weight

on to one side of 'em . . . and I can only get on to a bed by grabbing the side and lowering myself down.

Once again, eBay had the solution . . . a "Z-Bed".  This not only fits on the top of the trailer, but I can get on and off it - OK, so it's

still a bit of a struggle, but with any luck it means I should be able to use my tents again.   Let's wait and see, shall we ?