Just a few of the tools carried in the toolbox of the B33.

Monday saw me taking the Bantam into the middle of Birmingham for my ESA appeal hearing.  

The last one had to be set aside because 

"My wife * phoned the court and told them I would not be appearing and could they make the decision in my absence ?"

After around an hour of questioning, the decision was made . . .due to my injury I can claim ESA.

* Considering I've never been married, this was rather odd.


Wednesday and I popped over The Hollies Cafe for a cuppa - luckily I was in the car - serious rain on the way back.


Saturday and the B33 heads out towards Bridgnorth - around halfway there Andy noticed his MZ seemed to

be stopping a lot quicker than normal.  Seems the front brake calliper had seized on.

Seeing as my toolkit was easier and quicker to get at, we used that.  Ten minutes later and we were on our way again.