Despite being stood for three years, the B31 started FIRST KICK - maybe it likes the new colour ?

A week of MOT tests - both DOT and the car passed with no problems.

I went and picked up the powder coated bits for the B31 then "jury rigged" the wiring to see if it would run.

A drop of petrol from the B33, a bit of points fettling, a pint or so of oil.  Follow the routine, compression,

lift the exhaust valve, fully down with the kick start, then give a long "push" rather than a kick in order to get

the flywheels spinning . . . . and away it goes.  OK - so you could cut the smoke with a knife, but the engine has been

stood for three years.  I have a feeling this bike may just be back on the road next week . . . . all part of my plan.


Sunday saw the Bantam at the SVR classic bike day - met up with Tony Evans, who I hadn't seen for the best part of twenty five years.

Dinner, of course, at the Food Stop cafe.

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