What's blue, smells of two stroke smoke and is extremely happy ?

Rather an eventful week - on Tuesday I called the doctor regarding my leg being red and swollen.  He advised me to go to the A&E department

at the local hospital to make sure I didn't have a DVT. - Thanks to Gaz for the lift there at such short notice. 

After an ultrasound scan of the leg, they were able to tell me that the top of my leg was fine, but they couldn't say about the lower leg, which is where the swelling was.


Friday and I return to the A&E department.  This time they want me to have more antibiotics but they will not be available until three in the afternoon.

This wasn't a problem seeing as I had a physiotherapy appointment at half past two.


Saturday was a much better day.  I took the trike out - I sold a load of computer equipment on eBay, and then later on it was

feeding time up at the Sanam with Andy M and his brother.


Sunday - best day of this week as far as I'm concerned.  I managed to get back on two wheels.  OK, so I only went as far as the petrol station to fill up,

but I found I could move my foot on to the brake pedal much easier than I could before.  Looks like the new hip is doing what it should.