Would you believe it - - - - -  my bike parked outside a cafe ?

Monday saw me and Andy M going on a ride around the Severn Valley - big mistake - I hadn't been that cold for a long time.


Tuesday and I took my leg back to the QE hospital for its "12 week service"

The good news is . . . there is no sign of the bone growth returning.  Let's hope it stays that way.


Friday was fun !   

Halfway through my afternoon cuppa and I felt a slight pain - within minutes I was unable to move, couldn't breathe and could barely speak.  

I called 999.         The woman on the other end had such a thick Indian accent that I could hardly understand what she was asking.

Ambulance turned up - they did an ECG, all seemed fine - then dosed me up with morphine and took me to A&E.

A few hours, and more ECG tests later, and they said I was fit to go home.   Still no idea what happened, or why it happened, but I don't want it again.


Sunday and it was B31 to the Barge and Barrel for the start of their Easter egg run, then swap to the Drifter and head for the Raven Cafe.

Did over 100 miles- the most so far since my "new leg " was fitted.


Click HERE for a slideshow of the Barge & Barrel egg run and the Raven Cafe run.

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