To clean a rather dirty Tiger Coloured Trike . . . . use your mouse as a sponge.

Rather an eventful week - Monday saw me tending the needs of a sick computer . . to no avail . .  but I have plans for it to be used elsewhere.


Tuesday and I sorted the problem which prevented the lights from working on the Little Green Guzzi.


Wednesday and I gave the TCT a good clean . . . .  and the physiotherapy department at Sandwell don't want to see me again.


Thursday and the TCT is once more back on the road, and more importantly, my leg is now mobile enough to use the clutch pedal safely.


Friday and the TCT sucked a wad of silicone into the fuel line - many thanks to Andy Vernon who helped me get things running back as they should.


Sunday and I took the B31 for a ride out to the cafe at Biker's World . . . . .then got the aforementioned sick computer to "talk" to the computer upstairs - so that's now

being used as a "go between" so that I can use the flat screen TV downstairs as a computer monitor.