Myself and the B31 stop for a rest - then carry on to the Cat and Fiddle - via the Windy Ridge cafe of course.

Most of this week has been spent moving shelves from one garage to another, then fitting spotlights to the wall.

All this so I can make use of the bike lift I bought last Sunday.  So far it seems to be doing the job a treat.


Sunday saw me taking the B31 up to the Cat and Fiddle in order to meet up with a couple of Bantam riders.

I would have gone on my Bantam but my leg isn't quite up to sitting on such a small bike yet.

The B31 didn't want to rev out to the max - as soon as I reached over 50 mph the engine would hold back and make

a metallic knocking noise . . . . I suspect I may have a broken valve spring.


Click HERE for a video of Sunday's Bantam inspired adventures.