Funny how there doesn't seem to be as many bikes on the car park when it rains.

Monday:  Due to an overturned lorry blocking the slip road at junction 23, I ended up sat in very slow traffic for the best part of two hours.


Click HERE for the video of the Porlock weekend.

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Tuesday:  DOT got a bit of well deserved fettling including the fitting of two cooling fans on the gearbox oil cooler.


Wednesday:  The B31 still has a slight oil leak - and I won't tolerate a bike that leaks oil.


Thursday:  Pulled the top end off the B31 and lapped the barrel spigot / cylinder head joint.

Also applied some jointing compound when I reassembled barrel and head.


Friday:  Took DOT out on test and tried to deliberately overheat the gearbox - with no success.

Looks like I will have to hitch the Dog Kennel up and try again.


Sunday:  Took the B31 over to the cafe for dinner and also to see if the oil leak  has gone.

So far, the engine seems dry . . .  .which is more than you can say for the rider . . .got absolutely soaked on the way home.