What do you mean - "It ain't healthy" - it looks fine to me.

Wednesday saw me playing "International Rescue" when Andy V had a front wheel puncture.


Thursday was "International Rescue" part two - getting Andy's puncture fixed before he starts work at two o'clock.


Friday and the B31 went to see some mechanical horses . . . . and have a cuppa at the cafe on the way back.


Saturday was "Internatonal Rescue" part three - this time it was the other Andy, Andy M who needed a gear lever and a rose joint.

Trouble was . . . he was over at Darley Moor.   Ah well, it was an excuse to go out for an evening meal.

( I would have been camping there but this bloody leg doesn't want to play this week. )


Sunday and the B33 went back to Darley Moor . . . and was turned away 'cos it was after ten o'clock.

What a shame - I was forced to tour around the Peak District taking photographs and eating oatcakes.


Click HERE for a slideshow of the weekend's happenings - ( Don't forget to look for the    - although it is a bit easy this time )