It's a Warship named "Greyhound"

Started the week with fitting a new rear tyre to the B33 - let's see if this one lasts more than 3500 miles.


Thursday and I took the B31 over to the QE hospital.

The pain management team will be changing my painkillers, arranging more physiotherapy and possibly sending me for acupuncture.

I only hope it works - you can only stand constant pain for so long.


The weekend saw the TCT going for a tour along the Severn Valley Railway - then swapping for the B33 and going back to the SVR for a pint of Otter at Bridgnorth.

The B33 also went out for the day on Sunday - ending up at Dom's Bike Stop for dinner . . . . and it never rained once.

Click HERE for a slideshow of the weekend's happenings - (  As per normal, don't forget to look for the    )