Sunshine - scenery - a trike - an ice cream van - 200 miles covered. . . . . sounds like a good day out to me.

Wednesday saw DOT heading off to find the Gospel Pass, which is supposedly the highest road in Wales.

OK - so it might be a few metres higher than Hellfire Pass, but I think Hellfire wins on being steeper and a tad more scenic.

From here I went on to the bus station cafe in Abergavenny for a cuppa and a cheese and onion sandwich.

A video of DOT and the Gospel Pass can be found HERE


Thursday and my only living relative was taken to hospital.  A combination of old age, Alzheimer's and the heat didn't do her any favours.

Luckily the hospital is literally five minutes away, so popping up there ain't a problem.


Friday and I took the Bantam over to the Grub's rally - 20 miles away and it took 40 minutes to get there.


Saturday and I took the B33 over to the Grub's rally - a much bigger and faster machine . . . . .it still took 40 minutes to get there.


Sunday should have been Founders Day over at Stanford Hall, but this 'ere leg put paid to that . . . along with having to make hospital visits.