DOT sitting on Exmoor at Dunkery Beacon.

Monday I played "dodge the thunderstorms" then drilled a 20mm hole in the rear of the B31's mirrors to enable me

to tighten the nut which prevents the mirror head from moving.


Tuesday and I loaded up DOT and the Dog Kennel and went to Porlock.  I actually managed to walk as far as the Ship Inn.

Only managed it the once though - I think I may have overdone it slightly, or so the pain in my leg kept telling me.


Wednesday and it was a tour of Taunton and Watchet.


Thursday saw the best part of 200 miles spent going from "coast to coast" of Devon.


Friday and I came back the long and scenic way - up through the Cotswolds.

DOT did manage to lose some transmission fluid again, but still covered over 600 miles with no problem.

A video of DOT's exploits in Porlock can be found HERE