The TCT rests at the Old Station Cafe, near Tintern.

Monday saw me dropping the spare front wheel of the TCT in to have a new tyre fitted, then it was time to ride around looking for a place

capable of sorting the automatic gearbox out on DOT - I can't tow the Dog Kennel along the motorway without overheating the transmission fluid.


Tuesday and I picked  up my spare wheel, then on to Trim-Tec where the seat for the TCT was waiting.  I've had extra padding put in the backrest.

Took DOT over to Steve's Autos in Old Hill - he thinks all that's needed is a service and gearbox setting up correctly.

Took the Guzzi over to Fred's for MOT


Wednesday and my new mattress arrived - spent the rest of the day helping Andy V sort his bike out.


Thursday and I dropped DOT off over at Steve's Autos.  Thanks to Ian for the lift back home.

Rewired the indicator switch on the Guzzi.


Friday and I went and picked DOT back up - first impressions seem to indicate the gearbox is working as well as ever.


Saturday I hitched the Dog Kennel up to DOT and hit the motorway.  I deliberately worked it hard going up the climb over Romsley.

No sign of any fluid overheating and leaking - looks like it may have done the trick.  Gave the Dog Kennel a good washing when I got back.


Sunday and the TCT went out for a 200 mile run along with Andy M on his Ducati.  Took in most of the Forest of Dean, then came

home via Leominster and Dom's Bike Stop.

Click HERE for a video of Sunday's ride.