This time DOT sit at the top of the Long Mynd.

Did a bit of fuel gauge sender fettling on the TCT.


Wednesday and the Dog Kennel got fitted with new LED lights.


Took Ben his rebuilt Bantam engine over and sorted out getting a new exhaust made for DOT.


Saturday saw DOT and the Dog Kennel down at the 'Dashers - my new LED lights work better than I expected.


Sunday - whilst towing the Dog Kennel back along the M54 I happened to look behind me and see a huge cloud of white smoke.

It seems the gearbox service and set up has not solved the problem of it overheating and losing oil  -  I'll get back in touch with Steve's Autos.

Prior to this DOT covered over 100 miles, going to the Ponderosa and then taking the scenic route back to the 'Dashers.