My good self, lurking inside the "Dog Kennel" - testing out my newly fitted LED lighting strip - no flash needed for the photograph.

Bank holiday Monday saw me taking the B33 to the Arley show - along with a few original member of the "Midland Bullet Riders" forum.


On Tuesday I fettled the fuel tank sender and the brake drum oil seals on the TCT, then went over to Cosford, returning home via "The New Hollies" cafe.

I was more than surprised at how much it had changed - even to the point of being called "Road King Truck Stop".  Still a good cafe though.


Thursday and it was bad news time - Andy V's bike had been stolen.


Friday and I went for dinner down at Quatford, came home via Towsure and bought some bits to fettle my camping trailer.

Hitched the Dog Kennel to the TCT and went down the 'Dashers - banjo shaped torture ensued until the wee small hours.


Saturday saw me heading back home - to get a number plate made for the Dog Kennel.  I came down last night showing DOT's number to the rear.

Did a bit of fettling on the trailer, then noticed the TCT had got a rusted push rod tube which was leaking oil.  Went over to Kingfisher Kustoms

and bought a set of stainless steel pushrod tubes.  I dare say I'll whip the engine out and fit 'em later in the week.