The TCT sitting in the sunshine just by Barr Beacon.

Monday saw me getting things ready for taking the engine out of the TCT.


Tuesday was the busy day.  Engine out - new stainless push rod tubes fitted - tinware painted

engine back in - trailer hitched - then over to Bromsgrove to pick Andy V's new bike up.


Physio at the QE on Wednesday, then back to give Andy V a hand with fitting new fork seals.

Just for good measure, my MIG welder arrived at around eight o'clock the same evening.


Thursday was spent checking over the TCT and making sure nothing was out of order.


Friday and Saturday were spent doing very little.


Sunday and the TCT went out "on test".  This included dinner at the Butler-Henderson cafe at Quorn and Woodhouse station.

Click HERE for a slideshow of Sunday's happenings - ( Don't forget to look for the  )