Hmm - I seem to have done this before  ( CLICK HERE )  back in 2009.

Monday saw me over the QE hospital where they tried acupuncture on this 'ere leg.


Tuesday saw me tip the Bantam into the rubbish bin - the lesson learned from this is . . .  always make sure the side stand is up before trying to push the bike onto the bike lift.

Luckily it only suffered a broken indicator and a small dent in the silencer.  I also went to look at another two stroke.


Wednesday and a trip to Great Bridge to see a solicitor - then it was off to Marston Green to pick up an ETZ 250


Thursday was spent ETZ fettling.


Friday and I went and got a replacement indicator for the Bantam, then off to the QE hospital for more acupuncture.


The weekend was spent doing indoor things - mainly because it was rather wet at times.