Two 1971   "J"  reg  BSAs parked next to the church in Newport - next stop . . . The Ponderosa.

Monday saw me getting hernia inspired surgery at Sandwell hospital - thanks to Ian for the lift there.


Tuesday and I seem to have survived the surgery - by teatime I was back home - thanks to Andy for the lift home.


Wednesday was spent trying not to move around too much.


Thursday I felt up to messing around in the garage - so that's what I did.


Friday and I was back on two wheels again - so dinner at Eljay's Cafe was called for.


Sunday saw the Bantam going on a "pre Ace Cafe" run up to the Ponderosa.

Apart from working the rear sprocket bolts loose, the Bantam did well - and my surgery didn't give me any trouble.

Click HERE for a slideshow of Sunday's happenings - ( Don't forget to look for the  )

The video can be seen HERE