Andy M looking well fed down at the Food Stop cafe.

Not much of a week really - the only significant event was the result of my nerve conduction study.

Here we are...............and it seems my leg is well and truly buggered.

The nerve conduction studies of the left sciatic nerve injury were carried out 17/1012013. These have shown that there is virtually no discernible motor or sensory function in the terminal branches of the left sciatic nerve distal to the knee with exception of small distal motor amplitude in the posterior tibial nerve. There are absent F- waves on the left. There was absent sensory amplitude on the left suggestive of a post ganglionic lesion. There were no voluntary motor units in the left tibialis anterior with chronic denervation activity. There is no possibility of future clinical/electrophysiological recovery.

These results indicate that the nerve Injury of Mr Garry Whitehouse's leg is significant and that there is no potential of recovery left. He has got significant deficit of the motor function and the sensory function. It is most likely permanent.

Please note that this does not change my prognosis. However for treatment purposes if he continues to have symptoms then further surgery may be indicated depending upon the symptoms which could include tendon transfers or fusions. However, the prognosis of such surgery is poor in his case.

Once again the fellow who is buying the Suzuki never turned up - never phoned - never emailed.

Ah well at least I managed to get down the cafe for dinner on Sunday.