Quite a mild day for the time of year - so a pint of mild went down very well over at the Unicorn.

Monday and I had news that the rooms we booked for our rally had been double booked  - this will need sorting.

Tuesday saw me sorting the wiring out on a Norton Jubilee.

Wednesday saw me sorting the wiring out on a BSA B44.

Friday and Ian kindly gave me a lift down to Bristol for a meeting with my solicitor regarding the accident claim

Stopped at Staverton for a cuppa and a nibble on the way back.


Saturday and I had brekky up at Eljay's with Andy V.


Sunday and I took the Guzzi down to the Unicorn - the B&B rooms are now definitely booked in our name.  Had dinner whilst we were there.

Once again someone came to look at the Suzuki . . . . but didn't leave with it.