All being well - in the near future - a gear lever should appear somewhere above the brake pedal.

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Tuesday saw me at the QE hospital for the one year check up on my hip.

Everything was fine, there was no sign of excess bone growth . . . and they don't want to see me again for twelve months.


Wednesday and I get a letter from the D.W.P. saying they are no longer going to pay me any D.L.A.

As you can imagine, I have appealed against this decision.  For good measure the Job Centre also sent me a text message saying

"Remember your adviser appointment on 10/1/14 at West Bromwich"  This was the first I'd heard about this.

Seems I have an appointment at half past two this Friday.  Ah well.


Thursday and it's HAPPY HIP DAY - my hip's first birthday.


Friday was my "Work-focused interview" at the Job Centre.

"Give me my leg back as it was, and I'll be back at work tomorrow" 


Sunday and once again Andy M and myself head for the cafe . . .  this time it was open.

Liver & onions, with chips.    Excellent it was too.