All the black bits are now back from powder coating - time to put this jigsaw puzzle back together.

Tuesday - I went and picked up Andy's barrel and piston from PJ Engineering at Wednesfield, then up to Ian's garage 

in order to use his press to get the swing arm spindle back in the D14. Did a bit of electrical work on a 1200 Sportster whilst I was there.


Wednesday and I get a phone call telling me I have a hospital appointment next Thursday . . . . at Bristol.

Took the seat for the D14 over to Trim-Tec for recovering.


Thursday - raining all day - so I took the car over to B&J Bikes for a headlamp bulb for the MZ.


Friday - a bit of a break in the weather so I took the MZ out on test.

Sitting at the traffic lights on the junction one island, something shiny caught my eye. 

An adjustable spanner lying in the road. I did a complete circuit of the island, stopped and picked up what turned out to be a 250mm adjustable spanner.


The weekend wasn't very exciting - mostly D14 fettling, and watching the wind and rain causing havoc.