Only two days ago this field was under about two feet of water.

Most of the week was spent watching the wind and rain create havoc around the British Isles.

Thursday and I took the car down to Bristol to see a pain management specialist.  

The bottom line - the nerves in my leg will not become desensitised with time, the pain will remain as it is now.

This is not what I wanted to hear - chronic nerve pain for the rest of my life . . . let's hope they find a drug to reduce it.


Friday and I get a phone call from my solicitor's secretary asking if I could attend another medical examination at the same place

in Bristol that I went to yesterday.  I politely pointed out that this would be the third trip to Bristol, at 180 miles per round trip, and I

was not prepared to tot up a total of 540 miles . . . .please get the solicitor to call me back and we can discuss this.  Needless to say, he didn't.


Sunday and the sun came out . . . the rain didn't fall . .  the wind didn't blow.

Myself and Andy M, on a couple of MZs, went down to see how the rally site had fared up with all the recent floods.

It looks like there should be no problems with our rally next month . . . . so we went to the cafe in order to celebrate.