The National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas.

Monday and my blood test results came back, my HbA1c is 49 - as opposed to 63 in October last year. . . . which is good.

My solicitor has talked me into making yet another trip down to Bristol next month.  I do hope this compensation claim gets sorted soon.


Wednesday saw me take the MZ on a test run to the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas - I couldn't manage to walk all around it due to pain in this 'ere leg.

I may try again later in the year when the weather gets a tad warmer . . . . and I take my crutch with me.


Friday and I went and MOT'd the Drifter . . . . and somehow managed to forget that I had an appointment with the doctor at four o'clock.


The weekend's main event was the off road show at Telford. . . . . .followed by dinner at the cafe.

A slideshow of this event can be seen HERE.