Only a month ago all this was under water - this weekend it was warm and sunny.


Monday and the MZ gets a new fuse box, HT lead and plug cap.

Tuesday saw me sorting the magneto out on an AJS 500 single - then took the MZ to the cafe.

Wednesday and it's my birthday, so I treated myself to chicken kebab meat and chips for dinner.

Thursday and I took the TCT down to our rally site, then called in at the cafe on the way home.

Friday and it's our rally weekend.  Picked my chrome plating up first, then took DOT over to Hampton Loade.

Saturday and I headed back to Chromatics to sort a few chrome related things out, then went back to the rally.

Sunday . . . that's it for another year.  Excellent weather all weekend, what more could you ask for ?

Oh, a video . . . .Ok HERE we are.