The BRUB has grown the "crutch carrier" drainpipe again - just in case I have to walk more than a few yards.

Tuesday saw a few Moonshiners saying farewell to Joe Hill - one of our founder members.

A short video of the funeral cortege can be seen HERE


This week also saw my bank getting in touch with me because my debit card  had been cloned.

Be careful out there - I'm always wary when using my card, but somehow the details were obtained.


This Sunday was the "Bikers Big Breakfast" at the Raven Cafe.

Absolutely rammed - far too crowded for my liking so I headed for the Ponderosa . . . which was also rammed, so I headed for Quatford . . .

where they had just stopped doing cooked food as I arrived.   Ah well, at least it was a decent ride out.

A slideshow of the day's events can be found HERE  .  .  video to follow.

. . . and HERE is the video.