You can't say that I never do the washing up.

Tuesday and I finally got around to changing the rear wheel on the car - took it for a test drive to Asda for my shopping.

Good job I did -  the rain came down with a vengeance on the way back.


Friday and the B33 got a set of new main bearings fitted.  Thanks to Fred for getting 'em and helping fit 'em.


Saturday and I wasn't happy with the amount of end float on the B33 crank.  To cut a long story short, the timing side

bearing had to be spaced out by .200" ( 5mm ).  I wonder if the original bearing failed because the roller was not running

central to the outer race ? . . . . let's see how long the new one lasts.


Sunday saw the BRUB over at Foxfield railway for dinner, with the obligatory ice cream at Blithfield reservoir on the way home.