The "Club Turnout" award - presented to the Moonshiners MCC at this weekend's "Ugly Grub Ball"

Most of the week was spent putting the B33 back together with new main bearings and a larger gearbox sprocket.

Wednesday evening and it was a run over to the National Motorcycle Museum for a V.M.C.C meeting.

Thursday saw the B33 up and running - apart from I still have to put the primary chain case back on.

Friday ( a very busy day ) - It seems I now have to go and visit a specialist down in Harley Street - and possibly go to Bristol for a court meeting too.

I took the B33 out on test.  Foolishly I went to Wolverhampton along the M6 / M54.  There was an accident on the motorway, so the bike crawled along

at walking pace . . . on the hottest day of the year.  I then got caught up in the traffic in Wolverhampton.  At least I know the engine will take the hot weather.

Went out later on with Andy M - the B33 is seriously over geared.  Looks like the 21 tooth sprocket will be changed for a 19 tooth.


Saturday and I removed the primary side on the B33 and took off the 21 tooth sprocket.

Went over to the Grubs rally on the Drifter.


Sunday and I did nothing.  I would like to have gone to Founders Day at Stanford Hall, but I just couldn't face trying to walk around

in the sun all day. . . . . . once again, damn the blind tit who caused me so much pain.