Wayne Gardner, my partner back in the days when we worked at Hammond and Champness.

Monday saw me getting four new tyres put on the car - then later on Ian gave me a lift for my annual diabetic eye screening.

Wednesday saw me venture into Birmingham city centre - I had to find out where No5 Chambers were in Steelhouse Lane.

I have a meeting with my solicitor there tomorrow morning.


Thursday and I took the Bantam into Birmingham and talked with Aled Davies, the New Law solicitor who's working on my compensation claim


Friday and I took the car over to Ockeridge for a day's fishing with Wayne Gardner.

Last time Wayne and myself were at Ockeridge was September 2002.   Ok, so it wasn't easy and I dare say I will suffer for it later, but at

least I now know that fishing is possible.


Saturday and I didn't really do anything - as I suspected I did indeed suffer more pain than usual.


Sunday and I took the Bantam over to the cafe for a cuppa.  

I had intended to visit the SVR and take a look at the Deltic they have running, but ended up talking with a few friends in the cafe..