Sparkhayes camp site in Porlock - home for the next few days.

Monday saw me heading for Harley Street to see a "diabetologist".  Due to some localised flash flooding the M40 came to a standstill.

We eventually arrived some six and a half hours from setting off.  My thanks to Andy M who did the driving.


The rest of the week was spent fettling various machines.  The B33 now has a 19 tooth gearbox sprocket and seems to be geared about right.


Those excellent people at Drift Innovations sent me a replacement Ghost HD camera - I'll test out on holiday next week.


Friday and the B33 went out on a test run - hit some of the heaviest rain I'd seen for a while.


Sunday and it was off to Porlock for a few days.  The TCT and trailer ran fine and did a respectable 37 mpg on the way down.

A video can be found HERE - and the photographs can be found HERE.