A Sunday of singles and sunshine.

Monday and the lights on the TCT got dimmer and dimmer.  It looks like the rain down in Cornwall the other week had soaked into the regulator box.

Luckily I had bought a regulator box which had been on special offer at a VW show quite a few years ago.  So on Tuesday it got fitted.


Wednesday and I had the result of the ATOS examination - once again they say "No limited capability for work"  It seems I have to ask them to take another

look and reconsider the decision - this must be done before I can appeal against it. . . . . . in the meantime however - I will not receive any ESA payments.


Took the B33 up to Glossop on Thursday to have a look at these 'ere "Comanche MC Camp" trailer tents.


Friday and I used the TCT and trailer to take Stan's Norton Jubilee for MOT.


Saturday and I took the TCT up Stoke on Trent way to look at another trailer tent.


Sunday and it was the turn of the Bullet to go out - this time for a ride around the Elan Valley.

A video of Sunday's ride can be found HERE.