Sort of starting the year as I mean to go on.

Monday and I manage to lose a set of keys - looks like I may need a locksmith in the near future.

Tuesday and my hip goes for its MOT - the good news is . . .they don't want to see me again for three years.

Managed to get a locksmith who turned up some four hours later than agreed - to put it bluntly - he hadn't got a clue.

Stopped him before he could do more damage - still cost me far too much money for a job ( with hindsight ) I should have done myself.


Wednesday was spent fitting locks - all done in less than two hours.    My new glasses arrive.

Trike insurance reminder came through - £118 more expensive than last year - phoned Carole Nash and managed to get £20 off.


Thursday and Friday were a couple of "nothing" days.


Saturday and I go over Willenhall for a battery for the D14.


Sunday dinner down at the cafe -  the video can be found HERE.