Looking back from Hampton Loade toward Bridgnorth.

Monday saw me at the doctors for my medical review - I also asked about this right knee which is playing up.

As well as some painkillers, I've been given a form to take up the hospital for an X-Ray.


Wednesday and I  head for the hospital and in less than half an hour I'm X-Rayed and on my way home.

Headed for Bewdley and picked  up a couple of 420 chains for the D14 ( and the B175 when the time comes ) - just had to call in the cafe on the way home.


Thursday and a very large lump appears just below my right knee - at least the size and texture of a hard boiled egg . . . most odd.


Sunday and my leg has returned to normal size . . . .so it's time to get the Bullet out and go for Sunday dinner.

A video can be found HERE.