Just call me "Billy Two Bantams"  .  .  a blue B175 and a red D14/4S

Monday and DOT went for MOT - passed with no problems.

Wednesday and the Drifter went for MOT - passed with no problems.

Gordon came down later and gave me a hand putting the washing machine back together following a bearing replacement.


Friday and the paintwork for the D14 came home and got fitted.


Saturday and I insured the D14 - it just might be going for MOT next week, weather permitting.


Sunday and I foolishly took the B175 down the cafe. 

It rained on the way back . . . I ain't been that wet and cold for a good many years. . . .will I never learn ?

A short video of today's wetness can be seen HERE.

I treated myself to a new guitar - so that's the peace and quiet shattered then.